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An appreciation for what constitutes our spiritual nature goes a long way to underline why we need to care about what we do, who we are, and how we treat others. David Hardy

We know our spiritual nature speaks to us, communicating in such ways as intuitive knowings, episodes of creative inspiration, and moments of serendipity. For some such experiences can be more hallowed, but the bottom line is that a majority of people believe we are more than just our physical attributes. Just exactly what that entails, lies tantalizingly just out of reach, or does it?

In David Hardy’s Awakening Our Sacred Gifts, profound trauma, and gifted experiences give a worldly scientist unexpected insight into the fabric of our inner nature. Hardy’s story is very much about the visceral aspects of these subjective encounters and the prevailing conditions that abound to propagate such experiences; there are learnings here for all. But he also undertakes a pragmatic interrogation of these encounters, aligning many kinds of spiritual experiences with our best science.

This excerpt provides a lay persons view of one of the key concepts Hardy uses to explain how and why such subjective experiences are genuine aspects of our being.

At a basic level, the universe is created and governed by physical and non-physical matter. A more meaningful classification for these two terms is baryonic matter and non-baryonic matter respectively. These two modalities exist on the same spectrum both inter and intra dependant of one another and are both ultimately sourced from fundamental fields of energy and force. Yes, the elementary particles of atoms manifest from fields of energy. You can watch lectures on these concepts from online educators like www.wondrium.com


The fundamental fields of energy and force that are responsible for creating these two modalities have vastly different properties. In the creation of physical matter (baryonic matter) properties of charge, color, spin, and mass build atomic structures which are the bricks and mortar of our physical world. However, many creational scientists are now convinced that physical matter is made with intent. And it is the contribution made by the fundamental fields of energy and force belonging to non-physical matter (non-baryonic matter), that provides the information, feedback, and memory to make sure what is created is and remains fit for purpose. Let’s look at some examples.

Dark matter is an example of non-baryonic matter, and it has been shown (at a cosmic level) to keep our planets, solar systems, and galaxies in place. To achieve this governance in a dynamic environment, these fields of energy and force must possess an ability to measure, adapt and respond in a way with the overall purpose and governance of the system in mind. In Awakening Our Sacred Gifts Hardy provides plenty of examples of these intelligent, and guiding fields creating and managing the governance of living organisms. In the case of human beings, our core non-physical asset is our consciousness, and non-baryonic fields of force include thought, desire, and information.

There is also another important fact about these fundamental fields of energy and force, it’s that they have a value at every point in space and time. However, in the case of physical matter, these attributes of timelessness and non-locality are lost when the sub-atomic particles manifest in specific time and space. The non-baryonic fields of energy and force that make our consciousness, retain their properties of timelessness and non-locality, enabling our inner nature to access information from afar. It also means aspects of our consciousness live on and this is why we need to care about what we do, who we are, and how we treat others.