Welcome, here you will find out about knowledge, and spiriitual experiences designed to inform, inspire and feed the soul. 

David Hardy

I enjoyed and benefited from a diverse and eye-opening childhood growing up and being schooled in the UK, Africa, and Australia. Towards the end of high school, I developed a keen interest in acting, particularly stage work. But in wanting to eat and enjoy something of life, I opted for a more tenable career in the sciences. I believe my broad experiences, logical mind, and empathy skills assit both my writing and people skills, but I also know when to listen to my intuition.

Feeding a natural curiosity for the world I became a successful scientist. I began my career as a research chemist, later attaining post-graduate degrees in aspects of biology and the physical sciences. I specialise in innovative thinking practices, while in more recent years I have also been advising corporate boards on multi-billion-dollar investments into science and engineering processes and hence very pragmatic and considered in his deliberations.

I now live between Australia and Europe, sometimes working in my field of science, sometimes writing, but always open to firsthand encounters of a metaphysical nature. I love nothing more than a good old-fashioned ale and good conversation by a roaring fire.