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Awakening our Sacred Gifts

Awakening our Sacred Gifts

Awakening our Sacred Gifts
Spiritual insights and techniques for accessing our inner nature
Published by Star Arts Publishing
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The experience of profound grief following the death of his wife and soulmate unexpectedly connects a worldly scientist to deeper aspects of his inner psyche. At the same time, a universe of metaphysical encounters opens up to him in a way that challenges his assumptions about what is possible within human experience.

What differentiates Sacred Gifts is that many of the author's experiences were uninitiated (organic), and the fact they continued over time allowed a knowledgeable mind to explore, interupt and develop practical understandings. Readers will not only relate to the nature of such encounters but also appreciate the gifted insights on how to better connect and heighten their own intuitive and meditative states.

You will learn.

  • What it is like when your inner awareness is awakened and what is possible when you listen and follow your intuitive mind.
  • How it feels to get close to the source of all things and see glimpses of hidden realms.
  • Techniques on how to deepen meditative connections.


This book is for you.

  • If you are seeking validation that we are more than our physical attributes.
  • That we are innately connected to something omnipotent.
  • If you are looking for a measure of assurance that such experiences and concepts are genuine aspects of our reality.


Above all Awakening our Sacred Gifts is a life-changing journey of discovering the inner self. The author wants nothing more than to encourage people to listen to their intuition so, if and when the call comes, as it did with him, you will be open to such experiences.

222 pages | $15.99 USD | 978-0-645778-0-9 | July 16, 2023